This Is Not A Pedestal


What happens when sound becomes something that can be moved with two hands? This Is Not A Pedestal is an exploration into the spatiality sound.

The form came from wanting to subvert the users expectation of what a white pedestal does in a gallery setting. Usually the pedestal is invisible and is meant to display the art object. This piece presents raw speaker cones and wires, focussing the attention back on the pedestal. There are two ways in which a user can interact with the piece; 1) They can stand in one place and turn the top so the sounds change as the speakers pass in front of them, and 2) They can walk around the pedestal creating the same sounds effect without changing the sounds coming from the speakers.

The movement of the piece is playing with looping and cyclical behavior, but the physical form is a four-sided box. Wanting to fold the form back into the concept, I started exploring the sounds the four seasons, a long loop. The other recordings are sounds that we hear on a day-to-day basis which represent the short loops of everyday life.