My Own Kitchen

In collaboration with Jisu Choi & Sang In Chung

My One Kitchen is an eBook surrounded by a community of bakers that share and edit recipes. MOK is a system comprised of three components; a tablet, a networked measuring cup, and a movable projection unit. Beginning with the tablet, users can search for recipes by type or seasonally  or use the food scanner to get all recipes with a particular ingredient in it. The  measuring cup and projection unit work together while the user is baking. The projection unit is controlled entirely by gestures so the baker’s hands are free during the baking process.



The tablet allows users to search for recipes and socially engage with the MOK community. After baking, they can share, edit, and comment on the recipe through the MOK social network.


The networked measuring cup knows the ingredient the user has selected on the projection and adjusts the red indicator line accordingly. This makes for a universal tool that removes the confusion from the various measuring units.



While baking, the projection becomes the primary interface. It can be moved to any surface in the kitchen and used with and using the MOK bracelets, which allow for hands-free interaction. To navigate, the user taps the bracelets together, then moves up, down, left, or right. While in the ingredients section, the user is able to check off ingredients they have placed in the mixing bowl by double tapping the bracelets. Once the recipe is complete, the tablet becomes primary interface.